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How To Use Makeup BrushesIt is quite intimidating once you go to a beauty store trying to buy best makeup brushes without even knowing how to use it. As part of the purchase you made, you also have to learn how to use makeup brushes for a particular purpose. Many women think that they can use the same type of makeup brush for the similar purposes. Well, they are mistaken. With several makeup brush available in the market and sometimes they are in set, placed in a makeup organizer, you might get lost as to where those brushes are for.
It is vital that buying makeup is accompanied by the right knowledge on how to use them.

Below are the most common types of makeup brush with the details on how and where they are used.

• Foundation Brush

They are designed to get a flawless and soft finish on the makeup. The bristles of a foundation brush are tightly packed intended for applying a liquid solution. To use, dampen first the brush on warm water then firmly crush the leftover into a soft cloth or a towel. You can also use tissue instead. Squeezing is needed to distribute evenly the foundation onto the face.

• Concealer Brush

They come in a soft and flat bristles with the base being wider than the usual while end tip is pointed. This brush is used in applying concealer to spots to areas such as under the eyes. It is designed to camouflage any unnecessary imperfections on the face.

• Mineral Powder Brush

This has a thick hustled brush which can be used either in dry and wet solution. This is intended for buffing mineral powder into the skin while giving a pure perfection. This brush is applied in a circular motion.

• Fan Powder Brush

This is made for loose powder in which the fan brush sweeps away some dusting of the powder in the skin to give a smooth appearance. Using fan powder brush will prevent the fine lines and other skin imperfections in showing up. This brush is also used in removing excess powder from the face.

• Bronzer/Powder Brush

It comes in a dull, soft and circular brush, which can be used for either bronzer or pressed powder. The bristles will only have to pick the exact amount of color to be distributed evenly onto the face.

• Blusher Brush

This type is made from gentle and fine fibers that give a blusher look through its rounded head. You only have to blend and sweep in a circular motion on the cheekbone and you’re done.

• Eye Shadow Brush

Usually it has a short and flat brimming bristles, which are beveled at the edge in order to give a smooth application on the eyes. Without affecting the eyelid, the eye shadow brush can give your eyes its best glow that can attract any man.

• Face Contour Brush

It is used mainly for highlighting and covering the powder whether it is bronzer or compact powder. It comes in a circular and slanted shape in which the mimics of the contour brush can give angle on the cheekbones. You may use this with gel, cream or powder for a finishing detail in the makeup.

• Duo Fiber Brush

Using a fiber brush will give you a smooth look. It comes in rounded, flat and feathery head while providing a lightweight appearance of the cream or the powder you have applied. This is used to mix the cherry blush into the cheeks while leaving a shimmering cheekbone.

• Angle Eye Shadow Brush

This one comes in a long, circular brush good for giving a shade in the eye socket. What you need to do is to trace slowly the crease of the eye socket repeatedly while blending the color until you achieved the right blend.

• Eyeliner Brush

The fine tip of this brush is intended to provide an accurate gel and liquid eyeliner presentation. In just one stroke, you can now have the perfect line in the eyes that you’ve always wanted. If ever you see some flaws in the line, you can use the tip point in putting dots in the areas where it lacks line.

• Smudger Brush

In this case, you would want to have a finishing look in the eye so use a smudger brush. Mostly, it comes in a double ended look while having an eye pencil on the other end. The large versions of this brush can be used for eye shadow application.

You can encounter other types of makeup brushes that in the market. If you are still not confident of using makeup brushes after knowing the manner of using them, you can refer to makeup tutorials in the internet. Learn from professional makeup artists and apply all you learning once you decided to do it yourself. Tutorials are a big help to most people in guiding and assisting them in their endeavor of doing things by themselves.